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In 2015, after doing several end of year craft shows as Rescued Wood Treasures, we realized we had a series of products that had a great potential. The items with the military logos were so well received that we decided to spin off a new division featuring all the service logos. Thus was born “HONOR YOUR MILITARY”.

While never personally serving in the military, being at an age that was too late for Korea and too soon for Viet Nam, I grew up with grandfather, father and many uncles that served in WW2. As well as a best friend, son, and a younger brother who served in the marines. Current circumstances being experienced by our veterans has motivated me to expand our products in an attempt to honor our military veterans and those currently serving.

Since that commitment, we find doors opening that indicate an exciting adventure. We were thrilled to find we could purchase the website for www.honoryourmilitary.com .

As things evolved we have formed a separate company that has been well received. We ultimately decided to add numerous sports logos that include many colleges nationwide and professional sports teams. We are offering our bottle stoppers and our bottle openers and ice cream scoops that can have any of our logos inserted. Each item includes gift bag. You may select from light, medium, or dark wood.

Your payment can be made with secure credit card option. Honor Your Military and shipping info via email. info@honoryourmilitary.com. Or call 614-315-3331 if you get voice message leave your number and we will call back.

We are also offering fund raising opportunities for individuals and organizations providing several different options. Many with minimal personal effort for them. Please see the “fund Raising” tab on the web site.
Please help us Honor Your Military or favorite sports team by considering our products and sharing this with your friends.

If you know of craft shows in your area please to let us know so we may arrange for our participation.

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