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Included on this page are special order items we have made for different organizations. Some designed for fund raising, some for gifts by companies or organizations. Some for individual keepsakes, using lapel pins, foreign coins and anything circular that could be added to our products to remind you of pleasant memories. If you have the item you wish to be inserted, the completed product would be only slightly higher than those shown on our site. We can special order your logos made to be inserted with your information. If you would like us to quote on an item just email or call.

The wooden handles on all of our items are hand turned and assembled in Ohio The wood is local species and is acquired from trees that have downed by storms, trimming or urban development. They are finished with materials that bring out the beauty of each wood type. Because of the grain, the growth rings and the location on the tree no two item’s wood will ever be exactly the same. Even though the shape may be similar. This makes each item a “One of a kind”.

The logos are glued in with an especially strong substance that should stay in place for a long time. In the unlikely event the logo should become loose it can easily be replace with super glue. The Bottle stopper metal is stainless steel which resists any tarnishing or pitting during use. These can be safely used in most any bottle. The bottle opener metal is embedded into the wood so that it will resist breakage. With many craft beers and other drinks an opener can be a handy accessory.

The Ice Cream Scoop is designed for use in even extremely frozen dessert. The chrome handle is sunk in to the strong handle for easy use. It should never be placed in the dishwasher.

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